Saturday, April 28, 2012

A short film

As I have quite a bit of time for other things right now I made this really short movie from one of the routes I did in Kalymnos. The other day I went through 12000 pictures and deleted pictures I don't need, a job I have wanted to do for so long but never had the time for :)
Enjoy the film!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The hospitalisation

Under constant supervision to make
sure nothing was getting worse
After a long and stressful journey we finally got back to London late Saturday night. On Sunday I was exhausted and my body felt sore like when you got high fever but I thought I was probably just tired from the trip the day before. However, on Monday I started to feel even worse and I had this weird pain in my chest that disturbed me during school but the pain went away in the evening so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Then super early the next morning I walk up with a pain so severe I can only compare it to the time when I hit the ground from 9 meters in a climbing accident. We decided that it was probably best if I went to the hospital to get checked up. At the hospital the first test came back with a clear message, something was wrong with my heart, the test result was equal to someone who just suffered a heart attack. During the day I was tested for many of the most common problems but they could still not fully understand what was wrong.

Later that night I was transported with an ambulance to a close by hospital specialised on heart problems. I spent the next 3 days at the new hospital where they I had to go through even more tests to make sure nothing was missed out.
The food was good though :)
 On Friday evening when the last test result came back the doctors could finally agree on what they thought were wrong and decided it was safe for me to leave the hospital. I have an inflammation of the heart muscle caused by a virus, which means no school in two weeks and no physical activity for 4-6 weeks. Not much I can do, just follow the doctors advice and stay positive because it could have been much worse…

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kalymnos Easter 2012

During the Easter we once again went to Kalymnos. We had packed our bags with warm cloth in the belief that last years cold weather would repeat itself. However, this year the weather stayed hot and very humid throughout out most of trip, which could be a bit annoying at times but on the other hand it was nice not having to freeze while you are on vacation in Greece.

Trying the moves on Gaia 8b
We meet many familiar faces from both Sweden and London; it was especially nice to climb with some old good friends and as with all climbing trips it was the same pleasure to get to know new people.

Ne pas toucher a ma 8a+
The climbing in Kalymnos was as always superb. The big highlight of the trip was when I did my first 8a+. Ne pas toucher a ma bite a 30 meters route of very powerful and athletic climbing that creates one of the best routes I ever done. 

In the end of the trip I got sick and vomited from eating some bad seafood so some extra rest was needed. However, on the very last day I had to go up to take my quickdraws down from a route named Helios, 8a. The walk up to the cliff was quite exhausting for my stomach but when I was finally up there I couldn’t leave the route without giving it another attempt. The attempt was successful and I was happy to end the trip in such a good way.

Then the storm came, which would almost stopped us form coming home. All normal boats were cancelled on the day because of the strong wind. So after hours of searching we found a boat willing to go over to Kos. The captain is known as the Pirate as he travels in ANY weather. The boat trip was like a rollercoaster with people vomiting all over but we got over and were able to come home to London.
Ne pas toucher a ma 8a+

However, things didn’t stay too well for very long in London…

To be continued very soon…