Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chamonix Part 2

Another selection of photos from Chamonix. 

Sumi on Arete des Cosmiques
Your lifeline...
Mont Blanc du Tucal
Aiguille du Midi
Happy times

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chamonix Part 1

I spent over  two weeks in Chamonix (first with my friend Olle and then with my girlfriend Sumi) and here is a selection of photos. More pictures to come!

As it was our first alpine climbing trip without a guide we decided to focus on climbing easier classic routes to build a good foundation of skills and experiences for future seasons. I am already planning to come back next year. 

A special thanks to Marmot and Granibiten for providing me with equipment that not only made the climbs more enjoyable but also safer.

Life is quite good!
I have camped in places with a worse view!
Olle with a deep crevasse and Chamonix in the background.
Aigulle du Peigne.
Ready to abseil. Minutes before both we and the team in front of us got our ropes stuck... 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Climbing in Stockholm

I have spent the last weeks mainly climbing outdoors in Stockholm.

Mental preparation.
Most of the time I have been with friends at Flaten, which is not the most beautiful rock but the climbing is fun. The cliff has become quite popular after it was rebolted and some easier routes were established. It is inspiring to see so many people (no matter ability) pushing themselves on the rock.

I am nothing without my shoes and chalk bag!

I am very pleased with my own climbing and I managed to do quite a few of the classic routes. The finger feels good but I have had to turn down a couple of routes because the holds were too harsh on the finger. Not a big deal, you can always try them again later :D 

Maybe I should have stretched my hips a bit more!?!

My friend Olle and I also spent a couple of days climbing trad at Grönbrinksberget. On our first visit we were lucky with the weather and got to climb quite a few lines. However, the second time all the routes were soaked and there was even a short thunderstorm. Anyway, it was a good (and scary) experience to lead on your own gear when water is dripping down the wall. 

On Friday I am flying to Chamonix for some alpine adventure. So the bags are fully packed with tent, crampons, cams, ropes and much more. I am excited to spend some time in the mountains.