Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life is treating me well

The last weeks have been filled with quite a lot of training. It feels good to spend time in the climbing gym training for future objectives. Yet I am trying to let my body adjust to the increased training load. Therefore, it is fortunate that I also have the opportunity to keep myself active in other ways…

The recent hot weather has maybe not provided the best opportunities for outdoor climbing, but I have managed to visit Flaten a couple of times to climb a few of the classic routes. Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to cooler days... Hopefully it will be a long and dry autumn. 

Barreta, Flaten -  ©Andreas Harne

During one of these active rest-periods I went to the Austrian Alps with my girlfriend. It was a very active week involving a lot of hiking and a bit of climbing in the mountains. We had a wonderful time and so much fun! To visit these magnificent places with the people you love creates memories you will never forget. 

On our way down from Ellmauer Halt, 2344m - © Ulrich

One of the most exciting things during these last weeks was to receive my International Baccalaureate grades. I was awarded a Bilingual Diploma with 44/45 points - a score achieved by 0.8% of students. I feel very excited and pleased after all the hard work I put in. :D :D

I hope you are all having an equally great summer!