Sunday, November 18, 2012

Third in Swedish Championship Bouldering

Last weekend, I took part in the Swedish Championship in bouldering in Gothenburg. It was my first competition after my heart problem and I was really excited to compete again but at the same time a bit nervous.

In the qualification I come fourth, which mean I made it through to the final. The climbing felt pretty good and I knew what I had to improve for the final. I was really tired after the climbing and even I fell asleep during the day while we were watching a movie…

On the final day I was super excited to climb and felt very motivated to try my best. The final consisted of 3 boulders, and in the end it was super close between the top-4 climbers. It was barely anything that separated us but in the end Jonathan won, as he was able to grab the last hold on a boulder that the rest of us only touched. I ended up third (with the same score in the final as the silver medallist), which was a result I was really pleased with and probably one of the most satisfying medals ever. I had no idea what level I was at after everything I have had to go through this year and didn’t feel very strong beforehand but I was able to pull everything out when I needed it. It was close that a tear started falling down my cheek... 

It was exactly what I needed to motivate myself to continue training again!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had a good week in Rodellar, even though the weather and the conditions could have been better! A lot of routes were wet from the heavy rain before and during the time we were there but we were at least able to find enough climbs for a week ;)
Good morning Rodellar!!
The aim of the trip was to climb a lot of different routes to see how the body would respond to it. It was really fun to just climb around on amazing rock.

During the week we also meet some great Canadian and British people who we climb with and spent every evening chatting with!

Walking out in the rain to attempt climbing :)
I would have loved to stay another week but when the last day came and the nose was stuffed and the throat was sore it felt ok to leave.

Next weekend I’m going to my first competition after my heart problem, I have no idea what level I’m at and have no certain aims but it will be really fun to compete again.