Monday, July 30, 2012


This weekend I went on a trip to the famous climbing place Stanage in Peak District. After an early start and a long drive we arrived to the cliff and it's boulder field.

The plan was to do bouldering but maybe do some trad too. The bouldering was really good and climbing on grit stone was amazing, even though my fingertips got completely destroyed after just a few climbs on the rough rock.

Me on top of Not to be Taken Away
really happy I did not fall and had to land
on the stone 6.5 meters below
Not to be Taken Away


I got the chance to climb some real classics such as Zippy's Traverse 7B, Green Traverse 7A, The Glass Hour 7A, Deliverance 7B+, Not to be Taken Away 6C and also an incredible trad route!
I can't wait to get back here to try all other amazing boulder and trad routes :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012

Now it's less than an hour to the opening ceremony of the Olympics!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mont Blanc

 I have dreamt of climbing Mont Blanc for years and last summer some friends and I decided that we would give it an attempt. I thought of it every day for almost an entire year so of course it was terribly disappointing when the doctors said that I couldn’t go, as my heart wouldn’t be well enough yet.

The hair you get after a day wearing a helmet- Chamonix 2010
 The rest of the team still went to Chamonix as planned and early on Thursday morning they were on their way towards the summit. The same morning we woke up to the bad news that an avalanche had killed 9 climbers on their way to the summit. After about an hour of worry we got to know our friends were safe and had decided to call off their attempt because of the avalanche and bad weather. 

Now all our thoughts also go the ones that lost friends or family members in the mountains. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The last weeks!

Sorry for the blog not being updated lately but here is a short summary of the last weeks!

After 8 weeks of complete rest I was able to start with some physical activity again; some yoga and easy climbing. I felt weak, got tired very easily and had to listen carefully to my body. However, after some weeks I was able try a bit harder, as long as I made sure that my heart didn’t have to work too hard. I had to go to Stockholm for a short visit and even though climbing was not the reason for the trip I still had some time to climb with some friends, which was really fun.

My last visit to the hospital was this Monday as I had to be checked for another possible problem with my heart and I’m going back quite soon again for another check up.

Right now I’m Sweden with my girlfriend :)