Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stockholm Climbing Festival

Last weekend I took part in the Stockholm Climbing Festival. It was a really fun and warm weekend with a lot of great climbers. The highlight was definitely to watch Alexander Megos climb, really inspiring!

For a more detail description of the weekend and more fantastic pictures please check out:

Me climbing Sator 8a  ©

This last week has been extremely busy with long nights working on some very important assessments.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nordic Championship

The past few weeks has been quite pact with climbing. Directly after finishing the antibiotics cure everything felt hard but it gradually got better.

Time for the Nordic Youth Championship in Helsinki, Finland. Qualification 1 went without difficulty. Qualification 2, I did not climb perfectly but it went ok. Ended up as fourth, ready for the final next day.

The warmup before the final felt great and I was ready to climb. I felt a bit nervous while tying in but as soon touched the starting holds it all went away. The first section went superb, climbed without hesitation and found a good rest around 25 moves up. Unfortunately just a few moves later a small miscalculation caused me to come off the wall way too early. Falling off feeling completely fresh might be the most frustrating thing in a competition but it happens and it is just to stay positive and look forward.

Luckily, other Swedes experienced a better day than me and overall Sweden was awarded quite a few medals. Weld done!

I will start my last year of school tomorrow, Monday!