Monday, July 22, 2013

Chamonix - picture

Olle enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have been dreaming to go alpine climbing in Chamonix for years. Last week I finally got my chance when I arrived in the small valley. I was also joined by some amazing people, which made this trip even better.

Beautiful scenery 
We had very warm weather with a lot of sunshine and no wind; something most people enjoy. I however am different, and prefer colder weather with some wind... At least the weather did not interfere with our plans.

Olle belaying Annika
During the week, our guide, Martin, introduced us to all kinds of techniques required to stay safe on the mountains. He took us to incredible places! Most of the time we were alone alpine climbing. We barely met other climbers. I know for sure I will come back!

Bouldering with the team
 As we returned down to the valley after three consecutive days on the mountain, we got the chance to meet up with climbers from the Swedish Team (and Danish).


Friday, July 5, 2013


My summer holiday finally started last Thursday.  Unfortunately, I cannot relax completely from school, as the list of books to read and essays to be written over the summer is still very long.  However, I will definitely not complain because I will still have more time to climb!

Last week I already got to spend three days in Peak District.  During the first two days, the English weather showed us what it is capable; it almost rained nonstop.  But no matter what type of weather is showing it self, it is always possible to find dry rock!

Sorting out the gear after onsighting Tippler Direct E3 6a
Our last day in Peak District was much better and I particularly liked the cold temperatures and the strong winds.  I got the chance to climb some classical trad routes on the famous Stanage Edge.  This was a true mental game! Being 15 meters up on the wall knowing that your last small cam is 6 meters below you, even when the climbing is easy, can be quite daunting. 
Cleaning another brilliant route
Overall, it was great mental preparation for my alpine trip to Chamonix this Saturday.  I haven't been this excited for a trip in a long time; I cannot wait to be introduced to a new dimension of climbing.