Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ski touring in the Alps

During the first week of May I did some ski touring in the Alps.

The plan was to tour in the Mont Blanc Massif but because of the bad weather forecast we decided to spend our days in the Grand Paradiso National Park in Italy.

Our first two days were blessed with fantastic snow and weather. But then at the end of the second day my new Dynafit binding decided to break for no reason whatsoever!

The retreat down the mountain on day three was not too exciting, as it forced us back to the rainy lowland and even more rainy Chamonix.

On the last day I tried dry tooling for the first time. It was interesting and a perfect way to spend the day while it rains. 

Overall, it was a fun trip, but next time I wish for equipment that lasts more than two ski runs... And maybe a bit less rain, but the weather is hard to control :D

Thank you Krister for five great days!